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Always 5 Star Posts


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5 Top Luxury Tips for Killarney

I have always wanted to travel to Ireland. I have been motivated by the seemingly mystical landscapes I’ve seen in movies, read about in books, and seen on television. These greenest greens and the sweeping vistas would seem almost too Hollywood to be real. This year I finally had the opportunity to go. As a travel writer/influencer/blogger, I saw that TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) was o...

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VIP Private Driving Tour and Experience Killarney

There are several ways to enjoy Killarney, Ireland and all the surrounding beauty of the countryside. You can rent a car, ride on a tour bus, take a taxi, or utilize a private driver. I choose to hire a private driver. I found this to work best for my needs and it created that Always5Star enhancement to my trip.

I was traveling with my daughter Brittany, and since we are both use to driving...

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Pink Lounge at the Ross Hotel - Champagne luxury moment!

When traveling to destinations around the world, I look for those special champagne moments wherever I go. When I was in Killarney, Ireland that moment presented itself at The Pink Lounge in the Ross Hotel.

A delightful and fun interior design!

Opened in December of 2015, the Pink Lounge Gin and Champagne Bar is a wonderful find in a city of pubs. Its uniqueness and decor are a welco...

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A Luxury Hotel In Killarney – The Brehon Hotel

There are many wonderful luxury hotels to choose from in Killarney. I selected The Brehon hotel because of the TripAdvisor reviews and location to the convention center. The reviews were accurate and I found our room to be very comfortable. I could walk to the town center (around 20-30 minutes), and found the location ideal for visiting the Killarney National Park. Taxi access was convenien...

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