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Always 5 Star Post

Killarney National Park – Nature’s Luxury

Killarney National Park sits right next to the wonderful town of Killarney. The park has 25,425 acres of diverse landscapes including waterfalls, lakes, wildlife, etc. It is the most wide-ranging native forest remaining in Ireland. The park is beautifully maintained and is the highlight of any stay in Killarney.

Join me on an Always5Star photo journey that cronicles my visit to the park. Even with a couple of days of rain, I was able to take pictures that still let you appreciate the beauty of this natural environment. Truly Nature’s luxury!

A Biking Tour of the Park

I decided to do a biking tour in the park and it was a great way to explore. You can cover a lot of ground and see more. The paths are well laid out, and this made the entire trip special.

Biking in the Park!

An Abundance of vistas that are sure to inspire you

The landscapes and nature are astounding!

Gorgeous streams can be seen everywhere

Ross Castle

Coming upon Ross Castle is quite a treat. You can buy tickets to tour the inside of the castle as well.

Other places to see by car/taxi/walking or through booking a private tour

Muckross House

We took a taxi to see the Muckross House - it was a little to far to walk from town

The Gap of Dunloe and Carrauntoohil

There are plenty of areas that will inspire you to explore. Next time I visit, I will plan time to hike these areas!

Inspires you to paint this lovely landscape!

Walking Trails

There are plenty of wonderful and easy trails to explore in the park

Torc Waterfall

The Torc Waterfall was probably my favorite part of the park. An easy hike for any age and skill. The best part of this hike was stumbling on a man playing a bagpipe. What a great way to enjoy nature at its best!

The Torc Waterfall is a beautiful place in Killarney National Park!

Always5Star Final Impression:

Killarney National Park is a nature lover's dream! Take the time to plan your trip so that you can enjoy all that the park has to offer. I would strongly suggest renting bikes or taking a bike tour. The ability to see more and experience more is a huge plus. Also a great way to get exercise so you can enjoy the town's pubs too! Sláinte!

🌟 Please note: I was not compensated for this post. My opinions are completely my own based on my experiences, which I paid for entirely myself.

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Pamela Rossi

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