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Always 5 Star Post

Always5Star Guide to Gloria Ferrer Winery & Their Sparkling Wine Brut Rosé

Everyone knows that I am passionate about champagne. I also find that there are several sparkling wines that offer wonderful and satisfying experiences as well. I like to search out locations that offer fine sparkling wines. One such area is Sonoma, California. In Sonoma, you can find the Gloria Ferrer Winery. It is a wonderful winery that offers several different types of tasting experiences. For more information about these experiences you can go to: Gloria Ferrer Winery

A view of the winery vineyards from the tasting patio

My husband and I decided to spend an afternoon visiting the winery and did a tasting on their balcony overlooking the vineyard. It was a very pleasant experience. We decided to try several different offerings including the Blanc de Blancs, Demi-Sec, and Royal Cuvée. We enjoyed them all. However, we ordered the 2013 Brut Rosé and it became my favorite. Perhaps it was the setting? A beautiful summer day with a light breeze, warm weather, and the refreshing cold bubbly made this a really special experience.

Tasting on the patio on a beautiful summer day

The Gloria Ferrer 2013 Brut Rosé offers that extra dimension of fruit that heightens the taste for a rosé sparkling wine. A delicate light coral color that displays beautifully in the glass. With layers of strawberries, spicy cherry, light lemongrass, and a pensive touch of honey. This rosé also offers fine bubbles, which I am a stickler for. It was not too sweet, and the ending was a decent crisp finish with a dryness that I prefer.

My favorite of the tastes was the 2013 Brut Rosé sparkling wine

I love to learn a little bit more about the wines that I enjoy and wanted to share some facts that you might not have known about the Gloria Ferrer winery. Here are some 5StarTips🌟 that you might not have known about the winery:

🌟 The Ferrer family were well established winegrowers in Spain over 600 years ago. 🌟 In 1914, Dolores and her husband Pedro make a bold move to launch a traditional method cava (sparkling wine) and Freixenet was born. 🌟Pedro lost his life in the Spanish Civil War, and Dolores became the head of the company. She expands the brand to a world audience. Freixenet becomes a very successful sparkling wine enterprise under her leadership. 🌟Pedro and Dolores’ son José, along with his wife Gloria, purchase 250 acres in Carneros Sonoma, California and is the first sparkling wine house in the Sonoma Carneros region. The winery is also the first to plant Champagne clones. 🌟Pedro lovingly names the sparkling wine and winery after his wife, Gloria

Brought a few bottles home to enjoy poolside

A delightful history to celebrate this wonderful sparkling wine. If you are in Sonoma, and enjoy tasting and sipping a wonderful sparkling wine, the Gloria Ferrer winery will be sure to please. Cheers to you enjoying this sparkling wine!

An Always5Star Cheers to Gloria Ferrer and their sparkling wine!

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I was not compensated in any way for this post. My opinions are completely my own and are based on my experiences which I paid for entirely myself.

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