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Always5Star Performance & Art

5StarTip🌟 – Top 5 Luxury and Travel Tips for August

How about some great tips for enhancing your summer fun?

Would you like to know how to save on a luxury hotel? How do you get good seats when flying during this busy summer travel month? Where is a good place to get unique and wonderful ice cream? These are just a few tips that you will find below!

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Always5Star Guide to Liberty Station Arts District – San Diego, California

Author: Brittany James

Article written by: Brittany James

When you think of San Diego, California, what comes to mind? Palm trees, the beach, Mexican food…maybe the movie Anchorman – “you stay classy San Diego” 😉 These are all things that I associated San Diego with until I had the pleasure of taking a tour with San Diego Urban Adventures for a Travel Massive event. The tour focused on the Arts District at Libert…

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